Bush III’s “Days of Media Mockery”

While I’ve been fascinated by Obama’s backflips on issues such as public finance, warrentless wiretaps, and (most importantly) trade, I’ve stayed away from his stupid new logo. Some issues make fun of themselves:

Obama campaign drops seal on podium – Examiner.com
WASHINGTON (Map, News) – After days of media mockery, Barack Obama has decided to stop using a presidential-looking seal that his campaign designed and affixed to his podium on Friday.

Journalists said the seal, which features an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, smacks of arrogance. John McCain’s camp had a field day, calling the seal “laughable, ridiculous, preposterous and revealing – all at the same time.”

The seal was conspicuously missing from Obama’s lectern when he spoke to a group of women in Albuquerque on Monday. Not surprising, given how much grief Obama took from a normally laudatory press corps after unveiling the seal at an appearance in Chicago on Friday.

“What a bizarre and dumb idea,” railed NBC political director Chuck Todd. “It really feeds the arrogance narrative.”

The Bush II metaphor is when George W. began naming his cabinet early the morning after the November 2000 election, when the result was still disputed. I would say more, but Obama’s behavior is ridiculous enough as it is. So instead I’ll conclude on with this link on narratives.

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  1. Why is it that every time you refer to Obama as Bush III I am reminded of Bill O’reilly’s attempts at indirect subconscious implementation of the term secular progressive?

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