Japanese Military in China

It won’t make the splash that Sichuan Earthquake Relief would have (until both governments scuttled the idea), but the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces Destroyer Sazanami is visiting Guangdong Province this week. As the New York Times article notes, the last time the naval flag of the Rising Sun was flown in China was under more hostile circumstances.

One of my first blog posts was noting a US warship that visited Vietnam. The Japanese Navy’s visit to China is equally strange for many, but equally good news for the future.

If we can’t kill them, why not cure them?

So because of a few men in robes, we can’t kill those who torture and rape children.

It’s unlikely we can convince them that child rape is a bad idea. Probably as hard as “curing” homosexuality. (I don’t think sexual orientations are easy to change.)

So now that we can create mice with Asian hair, and we know personal DNA samples change over a lifetime anyway, why not direct that change in a way that can cure people and turn criminals into good citizens?

Bonus points if you can give a good reason that doesn’t rely on time travel (believing we can give someone back lost time), analogies to the National-Socialist German Workers Party, or revenge.