The Housing Market

Mother of tdaxp has long insisted that the Great Depression worked a great deed that is often not appreciated: it broke up many of the landed estates that had developed by the 1930s, making land cheap and allowing a new generation of farmers to till the land.  Thus, one of the effects of the Dust Bowl in the 1930s American midwest was a great transfer of wealth from the richer to the poorer.

We’re seeing some of the same dynamics as a result of the Subprime Crisis, and two friends of tdaxp are cashing in!

Now employed at a leading logistics firm, they recently purchased a house.  I took greta pleasure in helping them mow and fertilize their yard, and we took a trip to Pier 1 to buy a chair to help furnish the main room.  The house is all-together beautiful, though it stood empty for a year.

We brought some food and a dining set as a housewarming gift.  No longer apartment-bound, they gave us a very nice low-table that been been gifted around our circle of friends.

Still, a house is not all fun and games.  The recent hailstorm killed a number of plants, and as like a shotgun to some of the shutters.  A lot of work lays ahead.

To end the day we ate Mongolian and (American) Chinese food, topped off Tsingtao Beer and Mountain Dew.