Barack Obama and the Surge

Barack Obama eloquently and persuasively makes the case that Barack Obama has no idea what he’s talking about.

My favorite part is about 3:30 in, where Obama calls for full withdrawal in 16 months, and then denies he ever advocated withdrawing troops.

It’s not a sin to be wrong on the surge. I was.

It is wrong to deny you were. It makes people think you’re a liar.

And it’s dangerous to elect someone President who’s still learning about the COIN cycle. There’s advantages to electing a naif as President. Winning wars and keeping soldiers alive aren’t included in that list.

3 thoughts on “Barack Obama and the Surge”

  1. On the subject of Obama learning on the job, Charles Krauthammer argued that Obama did not flip flop, when he adjusted his position from supporting an “undivided Jerusalem” [1,2,3,4] to supporting presuming Palestinian sovereignty over the Jewish Quarter, and the rest of the Old City… rather, Obama did not know the meaning of the words.

    Obama literally did not know what he was talking about.


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