Iranian-American Normalization?

Good news, if true. The real attack on Iran is coming from our decapitation of Persian society, where around a 10th of the Iranian population (typically the most ambitious and education) has left the Islamic Republic.

The Weekly Standard
The sourcing on the story is thin, but it feels like a trial balloon. The story does note that William Burns, announced yesterday as the man Condoleezza Rice is sending to meet directly with Iran on nuclear matters, “said in testimony to Congress last week the United States was looking to opening up an interest section in Tehran but had not made a decision yet.”

Those comments came in an exchange with Congresswoman Diane Watson from California. She said: “I understand that Secretary Rice said about the possible opening of a U.S. interests section in Iran and I’d like you to comment on that.”

Burns responded that the U.S. was looking to “increase” its interactions with the Iranian people: “The idea of the intersection, as Secretary Rice suggested, is an interesting one. And it’s one that’s worth looking at carefully. I can’t go beyond that in terms of, you know, talking about our internal deliberations.”

Still, Tom has good reason to be skeptical.

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