To quote Obama: “I have to vote for Barack”

This is even better than the Paris Hilton ad!

Now, in fairness, it may not be fair for Republicans to criticize Barack “Bush III” Obama for religiosu rhetoric analogous to what got Bush II in trouble with the leftwing netroots. Still, when the leftwing of American politics transparently uses politics for political advantage without believing it it, it leads one to make the sort of tone-deaf pseudoreligious statements that Obama is known for.

2 thoughts on “To quote Obama: “I have to vote for Barack””

  1. I think you go a bit far with the Barack as Bush the III, however, that bit they show in the ad where the reporter asks him if “Do you have any doubts?” and he replies “Never,” is eerily reminiscent of Pres Bush’s response to a similar question two years ago. When I heard Pres. Bush’s response I was taken aback at the fact that the man seemed unable to accept that he could make mistakes. Hearing Sen. Obama do the same is very troubling.

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