Sticking with Win XP

My new harddrive came today, which along with memory was a very cheap alternative to a new laptop.  I’m going to skip a generation, sticking with Windows XP until Windows 7 comes out.

One of the advantages of having free harddrive space again is being able to load my back the many songs I have by single artists (such as Muslimgauze and Saw Doctors).

Being able to jam to hours of Muslimgauze again is joyous. A truly happy experience.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Zakat Zakat, You Have Limbs and Baksheesh, North Afrika Is Not So Far Away, Kabul is Free Under a Veil, or the droning voice of Hindu Kush Opium Crop:

We have policies about Saddam Hussein
Kill him
Kill him desperately

A descent soundtrack to anything that Ahmed Rashid‘s ever written.

2 thoughts on “Sticking with Win XP”

  1. I’m avoiding the speed-reduction that comes from the Vista kernal (which W2K8 Workstation) uses my relying on Firefox along with open source tools. Aside from iTunes and Google talk, the other programs I have are open source or at least free: 7zip, Filezilla, Freemind,, and OpenOffice.

    Open Source Windows [1] is a great resource for tools.


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