Why did Russia invade Georgia?

From an online chat I had with a reader. I cleaned up my spelling and grammar… slightly:

After Georgia came out of its civil war, there were three provinces that had declared Independence and were backed by Russia.

Russia gave the residents of these provinces Russian passports, the local governments military aid, etc
a few years ago Georgia reincorporated one of them.

A few months ago Georgian UAVs (given to them by US) started being shot down by Russian fighters — supposedly belonging to the local governments, but piloted by Russians.

exactly what happened is unclear, but this morning Georgia first complained about Russian bombing, then shot down 2 Russian planes, then Russia sent/is sending its army into one of the 2 secessionist regions.

I assume this is revenge for what’s happening in Serbia — us recognizing Kosovo and then arresting Karadic (the former president of the Serbian Republic in Bosnia).

55 thoughts on “Why did Russia invade Georgia?”

  1. You are so stupid, u think Russia is a country of world Evil? Russia is open for friendship dialog with every country. And if Georgia kill Russians why Russia must do nothing?

  2. oneGuy,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I did not realize I was stupid. It’s informative comments like yours which keep me going.

    Russia’s hardly a country of world Evil — as warlike as Eritrea, as responsible as Venezuela, as powerful as Portugal — an annoying large troublemaker, but hardly “a country a world Evil.”

    Russia’s habit of granting passports to anyone who wants one (if they live in territory that would like to annex) certainly confuses the discussion. That sort of “passport inflation” might cause problems for some Russian travels in the future…

  3. Will not wait. We also will endure you. It we come and we buy your houses, your earths. And you silently look at it as herd of rams. It we Russian. And unless you do not have gangsters and corruption? At itself at first look.

    Не дождетесь. Мы еще и вас переживем. Это мы приходим и покупаем ваши дома, ваши земли. А вы молча смотрите на это как стадо баранов. Это мы русские. А разве у вас нет бандитов и коррупции? На себя сначала посмотрите.

  4. Sevi Regis is dead wrong and has no idea what she is talking about. Georgia was invaded in order to stop them from joining NATO period.

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