Iran starting to back Georgia?

Courtesy Josh SN, I certainly hope so.  Iran’s state paper:

International concerns mounted as Russia bombed a key Georgian port and the Georgian city of Gori.

The European Union and NATO have called for a halt to hostilities and the UN Security Council was to meet again Saturday seeking agreement on a call for an immediate ceasefire after talks failed Friday.

EU foreign policy chief Solana was to speak with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko as part of efforts to resolve the conflict, an official said.

Condemnation was particularly strong from among a group of former Soviet satellite states, most whom are now EU members and who number among pro-western Georgia’s allies.

Following talks between the presidents of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine, Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Petras Vaitiekunas is in Georgia on a fact-finding mission.

tehran times : World urges Russia to curb onslaught.

I earlier wrote that I would gladly give Iran nuclear weapons to turn it away from Russia.  Hopefully Bush will make the same choice.

2 thoughts on “Iran starting to back Georgia?”

  1. They aren’t even asking for nuclear weapons. The NIE says they stopped that pursuit in 2003 (possibly as a result of the Iraq War). Since then the Iranians have repeatedly revealed portions of their former program (one tunnel system, the 1990s limited plutonium laboratory experiments).

    With monitoring, there is absolutely no way on Earth that Iran could developed nuclear weapons without our knowing about it. The uranium for powerplants is between 3 and 5% enriched, while for bombs it is 95% or more enriched (HEU = Highly Enriched Uranium).

    The more we try to stop them from doing what the NNPT explicitly allows them to do, the more they will think, and the firmer entrenched the thinking will become, that America is entirely unfair, and there is no reason whatsoever to play ball.

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