Germany Supports Georgian NATO Membership

Germany (one of the original opponents of Georgia’s membership in NATO) has reversed course as the extent of Russian aggression has revealed itself.

AFP: Georgia ‘will join NATO’: Merkel
TBILISI (AFP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday assured Georgia would join NATO as she strongly backed the ex-Soviet republic’s President Mikheil Saakashvili in his conflict with Russia.

“Georgia will become a member of NATO if it wants to — and it does want to,” she told reporters before talks with Saakashvili in Tbilisi.

It was one of the strongest statements yet of support for Georgia’s NATO membership bid, which is fiercely opposed by Russia.

“We are on a clear road towards NATO membership (for Georgia),” she added at a later news conference.

On August 12, German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung had said the conflict in the Caucusus had changed nothing with regard to Georgia’s chances of joining the NATO military alliance.

At the last NATO summit in Bucharest in April, leaders agreed that Georgia and Ukraine should join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization eventually, but neither nation was given candidate status and no timetables were set.

The United States is strongly in favour of Georgia joining NATO, but misgivings from France and Germany prevented Tbilisi being awarded full candidate status in Bucharest.

Russia is a state in the Gap, a Central Asian dictatorship fundamentally similar to the rest of the Afro-Islamic Gap. and so it is wise for the Old Core (for whom any struggle with Russia is a fight of discipline) and the New Core (for whom a struggle with Russia may be a fight for survival) to use NATO as a “firewall,” preventing the worst exports of Russia from reaching the New Core.

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  1. Agreed. Also given the, erm, lack of stomach some NATO members (their citizens specifically) have for conflict new blood in the form of New Core members will be necessary to maintain this “firewall.”

  2. I usually find that no matter how cynical I am about anything political, I have not been cynical enough.

    I had presumed that Old Europe would make a few verbal gestures of disapproval, but quietly signal to Russia that they can do what they want in Georgia, and that they would not let anything the USA did or said interfere with Russian supplies of oil and gas.

    I am actually shocked that Merkel has taken this position. There is no immediate advantage in it. It confronts Russia. It seems to even be a stand based on principle that aggression should not be rewarded.

    I suppose I will find that some even more cynical calculation lies at the bottom of it. But for now, I am enjoying the surprised sensation of being, maybe, for once, too cynical.

  3. Lex

    I believe that Ms.Merkel grew up in East Germany so she may have had some deep seated emotional reaction to the tanks of the resurgent Russian Empire rolling into Georgia.

    It could also be that after talking to the leaders of Ukraine and Georgia, they have agreed to purchase Eurofighter Typhoons instead of F-16s or F-35s in exchange for NATO membership. A substantial purchase by Ukraine and Georgia would lower the per plane costs and provide extra work at the production facilities in Germany, England, Italy and Spain. Is that cynical enough for you?

  4. Ein unerträglicher Zustand! Frau Merkel streut jetzt noch zusätzliches Salz in die Wunde. Aus welchem Grund spricht Frau Merkel sich für einen NATO-Beitritt von Georgien aus? Es liegt doch auf der Hand, dass dieses Vorhaben ein sehr gefährliches Unterfangen ist. Wozu dieses Säbelrasseln?!

  5. No! You are misunderstanding Merkel and German diplomatic rhetoric.

    Germany has not reversed course on the issue of NATO membership for Georgia.

    When Merkel says “We are on a clear road towards NATO membership (for Georgia),” then you should think about the clear road toward EU membership, which has been promised to Turkey by German politicians for many decades.

  6. Joerg,

    Germany’s statements of a NATO future for Georgia cannot be compared to talk of EU integration with Turkey, because EU accession requires changing domestic rulesets across Europe, while NATO accession does not.

    NATO’s suspension of the NATO-Russian Counsil [1], Russia’s suspension of cooperation with NATO [2], the NATO council meeting in Georgia [3], etc. are all steps to Europe recognizing Russia for the central-asian regime that it is. [4]

    That said, a more muscular approach would be a US security guarantee for Georgia, as well as other counter-measures. [5]


    Thanks for your comment!

    An intolerable condition! Mrs Merkel now spreads additional salt in the wound. For what reason Mrs Merkel for NATO accession of Georgia? It is obvious that this project is a very dangerous undertaking. Why this saber rattling?

    “Saber rattling” is a good phrase, because it raises war as a tool of politics. This is Russia has done [6], and what must be reversed.

    Mark in Texas,

    Russia’s method of generating on-the-ground hostility is a good thing for us. It’s not a a quick fix, but these things that weaken Russia over time are good things [7]

    The more I think of it, the more anxious I am for the Georgian-Ukrainian purchase of typhoons.


    This recalls the EU Treaty [8], so loathed by American conservatives but so important for Europe to act like a power bloc against Russia.


    Brilliant point. For Old Core Europe, any conflict with Russia is a fight of discipline. For New Core Europe, it is a fight for survival.

    To stand with the New Core here is to stand against Russia.


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