Momentarily Intriguing

Tom’s admiration for Pat Buchanan’s column, and subsequent apologia for Russia’s invasion of Georgia, is momentarily in intriguing…

Buchanan sense – Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog
I gotta admit. Buchanan is talking some sense here, especially on the hypocrisy.

Deep down, for me at least, Russia’s strong response is more intriguing than dismaying. We’re constantly bemoaning that we don’t have allies who want to fight and here’s one power that looks ready to send forces and use them with force to settle matters of interest.

And, of course, we immediately want them out of all clubs.

… Until one remembers a really great analogy would be Indonesia invading Singapore, Venezuela invading Puerto Rico, or Saudi Arabia invading the U.A.E.

The idea that a natural-resource-exporting Gap state that invades a NATO/EU candidate country is a a positive actor is suspect. Tom’s post only holds if you insist that Russia is not a Gap country, which appears to be an untenable position.

The realist in me says you want allies not afraid to kill and willing to defend economic interests.

A crackhead a candidate for the police force, even if the drug-dependent loser occasionally kills people to fund his habits.

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