Is there any God but God? Is Muhammed not His Prophet?

It is days like today when allies like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and even Pakistan become useful. These are nations that fear God, in foreign policy, in very concrete ways. With Russia’s latest attack on the peace, where Moscow recognizes their allies in Georgia as independent countries, the question for our Islamist friends is: why may Russia be able to create new states, but Muslims may not?

Russia Backs Independence of Breakaway Georgian Areas –
MOSCOW — Russia on Tuesday formally recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the two enclaves in Georgia whose separatist aspirations stirred the fierce conflict this month.
It drew immediate condemnation from the United States and its allies.

Acting a day after Russia’s Parliament unanimously supported the enclaves’ request to secede, President Dmitri A. Medvedev announced that he had signed decrees recognizing the two territories’ independence. He blamed the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, for causing the bloodshed and forcing Moscow’s hand.

He said it was clear that the warring sides could never again live together, and South Ossetia and Abkhazia had to be independent.

“This is not an easy choice, but it is the only way to save the lives of people,” Mr. Medvedev said in a nationally televised address.

Speaking on a trip to the Middle East, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called the move “regrettable,” The Associated Press reported. France, which holds the presidency of the European Union, said it “strongly condemns this decision.”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said in a statement: “This is contrary to the principles of the independence, the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Georgia.”

An entity already exists for our Islamist friends to recognize, and for us to tacitly support: The Emirate of the Caucasus (currently in exile, but with language and cultural abilities that we could tap).

Indeed, encouraging states like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to recognize the Caucasian Emirate may help us in the war against terrorism. The War in Afghanistan has degenerated into an Afghani-Pakistani Civil War, where “victory” will come by incorporating the Pashtuns in both countries into the political system while not allowing them to dominate non-Puthu regions of Afghanistan. The easiest way for this to happen is for the Taliban to be split from al Qaeda, which would allow cooler heads to prevail (as the Anbar Awakening split the Sunni tribes from al Qaeda in Iraq). Recognizing the grievances of Islamists — including their oppression by the Russians the right of Muslims everywhere to defend the Caucasian Emirate — legitimizes managable and expected intra-Gap fighting between Muslims and Russia helping the Core’s interests both in Afghanistan and in Russia.

Russia’s stock market, which had already dropped in response to the conflict in Georgia, fell sharply after Mr. Medvedev’s announcement, with the benchmark RTS Index falling nearly 6 percent.

Few countries are likely to join Russia in extending recognition to the two regions and the move is expected to increase strains between Russia and the West.

The Caucasian Emirate has been hinted at before…