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I like to help out fellow bloggers.  Many times this involve linking to new blogs, discussing the podcasts they produce, etc.  Half Sigma’s approach — opening an online dating review site — is…  unique. Still, HalfSigma’s website “eDateReview” is an online dating review site of personals / singles / match-making pages.

Many other bloggers beg for money. For example, Steve Sailer has a permanent panhandling drive posted on the upper right of his blog. (I just noticed that Steve lives in Washington, CT. That’s a very expensive part of Connecticut; a place where rich people have country homes. [UPDATE: That’s not Steve Sailer’s address, but the address of the very successful Peter Brimelow who can afford to live there. Steve Sailer lives in the Los Angeles area. This all makes a lot more sense now.])

I’m not asking for anything as crass as money. I’m asking that you place a link on your website or blog to, my website of online dating reviews.

Half Sigma: Half Sigma needs YOUR help.

Half Sigma’s business, eDateReview, has been mentioned by Reuters, CBS  MarketWatch, and Knight Ridder, among others.  It’s certainly an ambitious project.

Best of luck!

One thought on “Online Dating”

  1. Thanks for linking to Half Sigma’s website. It’s great!

    I do most of my online “dating” at Craigslist’s “casual encounters.” Unfortunately, Half Sigma doesn’t review that website.

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