What Palin says about McCain

Nykrindc’s summary of John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin is very in-depth, and highly recommended. Perhaps the most efficient comparison, however, is Tom’s, who contrasts McCain’s pick of Palin with Obama’s choice of Biden

Interesting difference in Veep choices (Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog)
Again, a pretty bold call given the circumstances, suggesting a difference in leadership style: Obama will be more careful and McCain more bold.. So the flip-flop of party identities remains in tact: Clinton was more conservative (despite all the talk) and Bush was more radical (despite all the talk). I think Obama would end up being surprisingly conservative in leadership style (despite all the hype) and McCain more the radical (despite all the imagery). Social issues aside (the great mania of the Boomer generation), the politics remains upside-down compared to the GOP and Dem parties I grew up knowing.

This echoes something I said a while ago: John McCain is smart enough that he can make potentially dangerous decisions. For instance, what if this story is true?

Obama is not that smart (he appears to be on the same level as Sarah Palin but, as he’s much more arrogant, Obama will act as if he’s much dumber), and so was forced to rely on the establishment to choose his mate. He thus chose Mr. Establishment, Joe Biden. McCain is smart enough to make risky decisions.

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  1. uh oh. if this is true conservatives are toast for awhile: putative head of the party reckless, next gen morally suspect. even while the story would be an ultimately good one, one can’t engage in cover-ups in public office.

    of course, it’s my fantasy that this story is untrue, but being let to “run” in hopes of snaring the dem big dogs in a trap…

  2. Wow! That is the craziest but almost believable conspiracy I have yet to hear this political year.

    I doubt its true, but guess what… if it is somehow true… the press will love it and people will rush to her defense.

    A mother sacrificing the truth to spare her daughter shame and embarrassment. How many parents in such a situation might do the same? She did what she felt she had to do.

    Or so I hope. The scandal involving her creep ex-brother in law is embarrassing enough from a governing standpoint.

  3. There are photos of her pregnant with the fifth kid. She looks pregnant. The Left are off their rockers, as usual. It’s a crock.

    This not a risky choice for McCain. He is losing. He is still losing. Only major actions that create attention and buzz can possibly reach undecided voters and/or mobilize his base to try to flip some of the half dozen or so swing states. If you are losing, only Hail Mary passes can turn it around. It is not risky to throw them. It is the only rational strategy when the only alternative is certain defeat.

  4. Conspiracy theories (Palin’s not pregnant being the latest one, along with the Obama’s a Muslim, Romney’s extra wives, Paul is a racist, etc.) have seemingly had a larger role this year than other years. I remember the Bush National Guard memo deal but that was easily invalidated by all the 1970’s army admin vets. Is it technology via the e-mail that pushes them so much or? How long before a convincingly faked Youtube pops up?

  5. lex, do you have a link to the pics? i did see one pic of palin post partum in which she looked kinda “puffy.” still, kos has a prima facie case.

    some thoughts though:

    1) if palin and daughter were involved in a conspiracy, why did they let the newspaper take a picture of them. admittedly, in the “march 9” picture sarah doesn’t look 7 months pregnant, but neither does bristol. i remember my wife at 7mo, and she was prior runner-skinny, and she was one hell of a lot bigger than bristol. there was no way bristol could have “sucked it in” to take a picture. and a picture with her wearing a tight-assed shirt! if she were pregnant and trying to cover it up, she sure wouldn’t have been wearing that. they would have at least kinda hid her behind dad or something, instead of leaving her all hanging out.

    2) also, one of the reasons more DS babies are born to younger mothers is that the younger the mother, the less likely she is to have pre-natal testing, for a variety of reasons. and thus, when the older moms-to-be have that testing, they are likely to abort the pregnancy.

    3) several articles, including the kos one, infer that palin was talked into the VP slot. i would think that if she was, she would have fessed up to the vetters about the pregnancy. she had to know that a thing like this would come out. it doesn’t fit with the rest of here m.o. not that people don’t make mistakes…

  6. also, the december bristol actually looks “fatter” than the march bristol. there should have been a noticible change. maybe sarah was “carrying” someone else’s baby.

  7. oh well…

    i really was kinda hoping to see a palin v. biden debate where biden calls out palin on the “pregnancy,” whereupon palin says something to the effect: you show me yours (obamas bc) and i’l show you mine.”

  8. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the link.

    Also, on the Palin-daughter-child cover-up I think that’s probably along the lines of what Eddie mentioned above on the many conspiracy theories this election cycle. I sometimes wonder whether Dkos wants the dems to loose the election. After all, if the Dems win, they won’t have as much fun bashing “the enemy.” I mean, going after Palin in this way, just reinforces the view of many Hillary supporters that many Obama supporters treated her like misogynist pigs. The Democrats need those Hillary supporters now, and treating Palin in this way, is probably the surest way of pushing them to either vote republican or stay home.

  9. There is no way a governor with political enemies on all sides could have pulled off a “fake pregnancy”. Conspiracy theories are almost always wrong because normal people cannot keep their mouths shut.

  10. A commenter @ Kos sums it up (Perhaps) best…

    here it comes again.

    I’m so tired of this. We really need to let go.


    On the other hand, this is clearly growing media legs and there are way too many reporters and Alaskans who dealt with Palin in the 7th & 8th months of her pregnancy who expressed shock at how “not pregnant” she looked when they were told she was. Does this mean its true? No. But it does mean we’re going to hear about this for days & weeks until some definitive proof is produced by Palin to shut the wackos and busybodies up.

    I am enjoying a family debate over Skype between two aunts (both nurses in their 50s) about how older women look pregnant. In essence, they capture this idiocy best.. the conspiracy details are so scattered that they provoke fierce argument. They don’t think the theory is true but they are arguing over years of experience dealing with older births about the looks of the mom to be.

    Then again, 10% or more of the country thinks Obama is a Muslim despite no proof of this being true. That a considerable # of them are not Republicans says something about the efficacy of coincidental smears.

  11. Also, just skimming the Kos diary comments.. there are some very insightful and intelligent liberals there. Amid the cheers and profanities, there are some fine arguments going on about the wisdom of this and more importantly, the sheer “wrongness” of getting into people’s personal lives and spreading smears. I’d say the comments are nearly evenly split with half wanting the diarist to shut up and half (some of whom are nervously asking the diarist to quit asking questions and start showing some proof) wanting it to continue.

    Kos catches a lot of crap for the sheer number of nutjobs and a-holes on there, but so should Redstate and other assorted sites. That they all get often unfairly tagged with a brush of ideologue foolishness is an all too-easy excuse to not pay attention at all, when in fact, there are some interesting and intelligent folks there amidst the noise.

  12. Eddie’s standard of evidence re: Kos — it is a publication with nutjob writers, but some of the letters to the editors are sensible, so it’s no worse than a publication with solid writers but nutjob letters to the editor — is weird.

    More broadly, the Obama camp is having the same trouble in understanding how to attack Palin as others had understanding how to attack Obama. Both Obama and Palin are affirmative-action candidates [1] on politically correct grounds, so simply criticizing them is seen as impolite.

    [1] http://www.tdaxp.com/archive/2008/07/28/the-affirmative-action-candidate.html

  13. I just find that people tend to generalize about Kos & Redstate (to take two examples). As mass group blogs, that is a mistake.

    I was heartened by the good sense and (dare I say it) humanity of the 1/2 or so of the Kos posters who thought the whole thing ridiculous and mean-spirited.

    On the few occasions I’ve looked closely at Kos, I’ve always noticed that there are some excellent diarists amid the trash.

    You are 100% correct about them as AA candidates on PC grounds. I wonder with Jindal’s run in 2012 or 2016 how many mass PC casualties that will result from it.

  14. I don’t get the equivalence between Kos and RedState. It strikes me as the same sort of phony comparison the left peddles between Wright and Hagee, between Serbia and Georgia, between a real weakness they have and an imagined weakness they would like their opponent to have.

    In other words, a knee-jerk attempt to fight a symetrical battle.

    A better comparison to Kos would seem to be American Renaissance [1], which likes Kos uses logic, evidence, and reason (but rarely tact) to push an obnoxious ideology.

    [1] http://www.amren.com/

  15. Is this because you agree with some of the stuff @ Red State or are closer to the political leanings of the masses there?

    I had not been aware of American Renaissance.. interesting I suppose. Thank you.

    Wright & Hagee are equal IMHO. One hates the white power structure, the other hates the Catholic power structure.

  16. Serbia & Georgia I would agree with you btw…

    And that Obama sitting in the church of Wright for 20 years is far worse than McCain actively pursuing Hagee’s endorsement.

  17. Breaking News:

    Das Kos has been watching too many episodes of Desperate Housewives.

    Reuters: To Rebut Rumors, Palin Says Daughter, 17, Pregnant

    Lefty Bloggers Go After Palin

    Sarah Palin Due Some Apologies

    Palin Derangement Syndrome

  18. Eddie,

    Had not checked Red State in a while. It’s definitely gone down hill. Re: Red State, I stand corrected.


    Unable to emphasize that Palin is inexperienced (as Obama is too), and because she has the same lack-of-record and politically-correct-birth-status that Obama has, Camp Obama has no choice but to use the politics of personal destruction to score a point.

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