Iran, so far away

If things go well, then 8/8/08 will have been very good to Iran… and the United States. Before that day, Iran was bordered on three sides by a hostile U.S. military, and the U.S. was preoccupied by theatres next door to Iran.

But now, Iran is next door to an unpredictable, unhinged, and aggressive Gap state in Russia, and America has bigger fish to fry (Russian herring, to be precise). So we see good news from both iran and the U.S., indicating that both countries recognize that continuing hostility simply doesn’t make sense. To take just two recent examples from Tom’s blog, Iran’s buying U.S. ag products while American internet giant Yahoo has reopened its web mail service in Iran.

If we do this right, Iran will see that while the U.S. is so far away, Russia is next door, invading neighbors, attacking oil price lines, and doing what it can to increase the price of (Russian) oil.