Obama captiulates on foreigner-bashing!

Good news! Both Slashdot and Weekly Standard note the news, but both miss the story. Obama has always been a flake, a candidate of the establishment who can be trusted to do what he is told because he does not know any better. Today, we see more evidence of that. Given the choice between bashing China or following the Democratic Party elites, Obama flops. Good.

Versionista has the comparison. Obama’s old webpage pushed the view that H1Bs were in general not particularly qualified, and we could get away with less immigration if our schools were better. But that nonsense is now gone! The old page was full of language like this:

Most H-1B new arrivals, for example, have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent abroad (42.5%). They are not all PhDs. We can and should produce more Americans with bachelor’s degrees that lead to jobs in technology. A report of the National Science Foundation (NSF) reveals that blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans as a whole comprise more that 25% of the population but earn, as a whole, 16% of the bachelor degrees, 11% of the master’s degrees, and 5% of the doctorate degrees in science and engineering. We can do better than that and go a long way toward meeting industry’s need for skilled workers with Americans.

The implication of lines like this is that if we spend more money on “blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans,” we would need less Asians. Thankfully, the establishment got to Obama, and this 19th century racial-politics/bundle-of-work nonsense is gone.

I previously criticized Obama for hinting that he would kick the forigners out of the country. I am glad he came around.

Here’s hoping Obama’s next move to betray his original supporters and befriend the establishment is changing his tune on Colombia.

2 thoughts on “Obama captiulates on foreigner-bashing!”

  1. At the same time Obama is running an ad that makes McCain out to be “anti-Hispanic.” Its funny becuase Obama is the guy that says stuff like this:

    “They’re going to try to make you scared of me, they’ll say stuff like he doesn’t look like the guys on the dollar bills, he’s young, he’s inexperienced, and did I mention he was black?” (Seerov paraphrasing Obama)

    Now he running an ad trying to scare Hispanics into believing that McCain is “raci$t.” Anyone who follows the immigration debate will tell you that McCain is one of the worst Republicans in the country (if you wish to end illegal immigration, and limit legal immigration). But becuase McCain is a white Republican, Obama thinks he can use these kind of scare tactics. The sad thing is; it will probably work?

    Obama claims to be the candidate who will “bring us together.” But since the start of his campaign, I’ve never seen this country more ethnically polarized.

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