The National People’s Congress considers the Bush-Pelosi Plan

China’s legislative arm is the “National People’s Congress,” a rubber-stamp boddy where votes are routinely 99.9% for the Communist Party’s proposal, and .1% abstaining.

The debate of the Bush-Pelosi Wall Street Bailout seems to be following this line.

As I am watching now, a Democrat spoke about what a great plan the bail-out was. The Republican response… was how great the bail-out plan is.

At least the USA PATRIOT Act was focused on killing people who did bad, instead of transfering hundreds of billions of dollars to them.

3 thoughts on “The National People’s Congress considers the Bush-Pelosi Plan”

  1. When I say I’d rather have the best and brightest generating wealth, and not redistributing it [1], this is what I am talking about [2]. It’s hard to imagine the stupidity of Pelosi’s speech.

    Sometimes we all must be thankful for our opponents.

    Apparently Secretary Paulson is as wise in negotiating deals as he is in managing Goldman Sachs, preventing a financial crisis on his watch, etc.

    There’s lots of things to spend 700 billion on, even plans that amount to more than trusting Hank [3] while keeping racial preferences [4], local government bailouts [5], and all the rest.


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