The Debate Tonight

Watching now. Both candidates are taking turns saying stupid things. Really annoying, especially considering how important some of the issues are. Also annoying, considering how candidates seem intent on pulling idiocy from the teeth of sense. Barack Obama’s comment on the Chamber of Commerce is a perfect example of this.

6 thoughts on “The Debate Tonight”

  1. I think Brokaw is ready for retirement again. He seemed close to blowing up on numerous occasions either because of the format or the candidates.

  2. The Town Hall format was completely messed up. It should have been more free wheeling interesting questions. My understanding is that Brokaw pre-screened and selected the questions – and we know he changed and improvised.

  3. Purpleslog, Mystery Meet, and Adam,

    The British system features weekly debates, in the form of Prime Ministers Questions. We have nothing similar, and the kabuki-shows that we have instead are typically unhappy combinations of press conferences and posturing.


    Perhaps that the South Dakotan in him — we don’t like taking nonsense! 😀

  4. I love watching the UK question period on CSPAN!

    It can get a bit theatre-ish too.

    Overall, the question period forces non-isolation by the rulers and that is a good thing.

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