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I’ve always thought that H.P. Lovecraft’s classic, “The Shadow over Innsmouth,” is best when understood from the perspective of the high-functioning members of the Marsh family. As a survival horror, Innsmouth is not too original. As a tragedy of a family in decline, it’s first rate.

Now comes “Cthulhu,” a modern retelling of Shadow, from the perspective of the Marsh family, set in the Pacific Northwest. Fascinatingly, the homosexual subpolot appears not only to be well interwoven, but adds another layer of symbolism to the Innsmouth cycle.

“Family is family. We’ll take you back.”

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  1. Too bad they made the homosexual element explicit instead of a subtext. That will make the movie “about being gay”, which will reduce the story to a very narrow range, where the story is really “about being different” or “imagining yourself to be different” in any number of ways instead of just sexual proclivity, as well as being about a lot of other stuff. It looks like it will also destroy the fine line between metaphor and actual depiction that Lovecraft manages to walk in the story. Plus,, it is unfortunate that they are calling it Cthulhu, which will make it seem as if Lovecraft’s entire corpus of work is actually “about being gay”, which is a theme which is overworked at this point.

  2. They already did a pretty good version of “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” It was called “Dagon” and was directed by Stuart Gordon.

  3. Lexington,

    Adding sex and romance to a Lovecraft story is tricky in the best of circumstances, so it’s definitely a risky decision here.

    I’m reassured by S.T. Joshi’s take “Fabulous – the essence of Lovecraft…
    maybe the best Lovecraft adaptation I have seen to date” [1] — so there is hope. By the way, have you listened to Joshi’s speech at SUNY Cortland [2]? It starts off slow, but is informative. (I originally found it on the iTunes store.)


    Thanks for the review!


  4. BeckoningChasm,

    I must agree with Lexington. It was a “Primer” on homosexuality and distributed by the moviemaker who specializes in such films. “Dagon” is a much better example. The movie showed none of the Lovecraft trappings of Horror, no illustrations of transformations, no Marsh family anomolies, no Hotel escape scenes, absolutely nothing to show the meaning of the towns’ secrets or discussions. Very low budget. Tori Spelling in an Heterosexual rape scene of the homosexual hero. Please. I gave this movie away sadly as I had waited for this movie.

    Still Waiting

  5. HP Lovecraft’s work should be left in literature form only, some things are not meant for the silver screen… I found Cthulhu to be quite drab even with the attempt on Brokeback Mountain steal…

  6. Youch! IMDB has an astoundingly negative review: [1]

    This is a terrible adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.” The acting was weak, the direction was weak, and the original content has been butchered. I saw this movie at the Seattle International Film Festival, and that was the worst mistake I made all weekend. If you want to see a film based on “Shadow Over Innsmouth,” Stuart Gordon’s “Dagon” is mediocre, but it’s certainly better than this botched attempt. If you want to see “Call of Cthulhu,” the silent film adaptation is great. But this? This film is a waste of time. I suspect the people who are writing 10 out of 10 scores are either friends of the director or shills who worked on the film. There is no earthly way this film is a 10. It stinks like a rotten pile of fish.

    I definitely agree with one part: the silent film version was great!


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