The New Country

Catholicgauze, gnxp, and Voxeu all link to a map of Old and New countries… that is, regions where most of the ancestors of today’s populations lived in the same region 500 years ago, and those that did not. Predictably, Europe, Asia, and Africa are all old countries, while United States, Canada, much of South America, and Australia are new countries.

But look at Mexico. Mexico the largest ‘old country’ in the new world, and exception to her neighbors


The United States is three times larger than Mexico and has a faster population growth rate. The integration of Mexico into North America is a generational effort in the spread of globalization, and the building of a stable North America. America will enjoy more political, educational, and social safety and stability — and more control over her own destiny — when the effective borders of the culture, education, and polity of the United States are sensible.

Whether the 30-some Mexican States are added to the Untied States ultimately matters less than whether it is as easy to move between the US and Mexico, find work, and do business as it is between Germany and France, or Colorado and Wyoming. The legal, cultural, and educational apartheid between the United States and Mexico is perhaps the greatest long-term threat to the United States in the western hemisphere. It must be done away with. Our absorption of Mexico must continue.