The Ministry of the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice

Saudi Arabia is not the only country with a Ministry of the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice,” of course. The drug laws in the United States turn city, county, state, and national police into morality enforcers, harassing those who are lazy or permissive instead of catching criminals, terrorists, and ponzi schemers.

I want to thank Soob for pointing me to KopBusters, which apperas to be a show/charity trying to stress the system by demonstrating the dishonesty the war on drugs forces on police departments.

From the description:

“KopBusters rented a house in Odessa, Texas and began growing two small Christmas trees under a grow light similar to those used for growing marijuana. When faced with a suspected marijuana grow, the police usually use illegal FLIR cameras and/or lie on the search warrant affidavit claiming they have probable cause to raid the house. Instead of conducting a proper investigation which usually leads to no probable cause, the Kops lie on the affidavit claiming a confidential informant saw the plants and/or the police could smell marijuana coming from the suspected house.
“The trap was set and less than 24 hours later, the Odessa narcotics unit raided the house only to find KopBuster’s attorney waiting under a system of complex gadgetry and spy cameras that streamed online to the KopBuster’s secret mobile office nearby.
“The attorney was handcuffed and later released when eleven KopBuster detectives arrived with the media in tow to question the illegal raid. The police refused to give KopBusters the search warrant affidavit which is suspected to contain the lies regarding the probable cause.”

Raw footage of the raid, with shows cops taking it in good fun (a cell phone camera is notably present), but the point is serious

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