Bush bails out unions: Will Obama invest in the future?

Sports Utility Vehicles are trucks. They are heavier than cars. They exist under a different fuel economy standard because it is senseless to inflict the same gallons-per-mile criteria on a vehicle designed to carry heavy loads or cross rivers as a car used for transportation.

Senselessly, SUVs do not require a truck drivers license, leading people to use them as luxury vehicles, and making violations of the rules of the road much more likely to end in death.

Even though our current President chose bailing out unions and electric vehicles, startups, solar power, and building electric vehicles that would revolutionize logistics in the army, we get the same GM+UAW team that has hurt us so much.

Hopefully President-Elect Obama will be brave enough to stand up to ignorant and misguided environmentalists, and continue to support both ethanol, biodiesel, and other alternatives to gasoline.

While oil continues to be low, Barack Obama has the benefits of weakened states like Russia and the challenge of keeping the innovation going.

Let’s hope he is up to the job.