Call for chapter titles: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?”

The call for chapters came out two weeks ago, and the provisional contributors list came out last week. So far, 13 contributors (including myself) have offered to contribute a chapter to an edited volume, tentatively titled 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?. I want to again thank those who have expressed an interest:

This is a call for all authors interested in contributing to submit a tentative title for their chapter in the book. This title may change. In order to keep this project on track, however, I am requesting that all contributors submit a short-chapter to guide their thoughts and to allow the release of a tentativle table of contents. Please leave your tentative titles as a comment to this post, or email them to

As editor, I will go first. My chapter in the volume will be titled “5GW: The Fifth Gradient of War.”

8 thoughts on “Call for chapter titles: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?””

  1. On one hand this is a working title – on the other hand it captures what I’m reading/writing about:

    Reshaping the battelspace: Using 5GW to combat Urban Gangs

  2. I am extremely impressed and delighted with the chapter ideas, both in this thread and by private email!

    Great job!

    For comparison, another great edited volume, Threats in the Age of Obama, is on sale now! [1,2]. Its chapter list is:

    • The Threat Landscape, Michael Tanji
    • The Tangled Relationship Between Organized Crime, Terrorism and Proliferation, Christopher A. Corpora, Ph.D
    • The Terrorism Meme—Looking Beyond the Current Threat, Matthew G. Devost
    • Crazy as a Fox, Adrian Martin
    • Infectious Diseases, Foreign Militaries, and US National
    • Security, Christopher Albon
    • Pakistan as a Nuclear Risk, Steve Schippert
    • Nuclear Nonproliferation in the 21st Century, Cheryl Rofer and Molly Cernicek
    • Into the Complex Terrain, Tim Stevens
    • Simulated “Black Swans”: National Security, Perception Operations, and the Expansion of the Infosphere, Adam Elkus
    • An Outbreak of Peace and Democracy, Dan tdaxp
    • Ideas and Strategies for a More Secure Future, Michael Tanji
    • Preparing One’s Mind to See, Art Hutchinson
    • The Issues of Non-State Actors and the Nation State, Samuel P. Liles
    • The Future of Missile Defense Policy, Tom Karako
    • Toward a Contemporary Deterrence Strategy, Carolyn Leddy
    • An Information Age Strategy for Government Information Technology, Mathew Burton
    • The Future of Cyberspace Security: The Law of the Rodeo, Bob Gourley
    • Security Evolution, Gunnar Peterson
    • Arming for the Second War of Ideas, Matt Armstrong
    • Blurring the Lines Between War and Peace, Shane Deichman
    • Reconfiguring the National Security Architecture, Shlok Vaidya
    • A Grand Strategy for a Networked Civilization, Mark Safranski

    This volume will be just as great!


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