Threats in the Age of Obama: “worth checking out”

I wanted to thank Tom for plugging Threats in the Age of Obama, part of Nimbles “Age of Obama” series of edited volumes on policy in the new administration.

Some of the contributors:

Dan tdaxp, Christopher Albon, Matt Armstrong, Matthew Burton, Molly Cernicek (PDF), Christopher Corpora, Shane Deichman, Adam Elkus, Matt Devost, Bob Gourley, Art Hutchinson, Tom Karako, Carolyn Leddy, Samuel Liles, Adrian Martin, Gunnar Peterson, Cheryl Rofer, Mark Safranski, Steve Schippert, Tim Stevens, and Shlok Vaidya.

And most importantly of all: Michael Tanji.


Soob just wonders who designed the cover!

Buy it from

2 thoughts on “Threats in the Age of Obama: “worth checking out””

  1. What can I say. I’m easily amused. Give me a sheet of construction paper and one of those silver Sharpies and I’ll scribble and drool for hours.

    Looking forward to seeing what lies behind the impressive cover.

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