Quality Control of Children

Eugenics (the improvement of the mean and variance of the phenotype of the next generation through manipulations of the genotype) is as important, necessary, inevitable, and morally correct as anti-poverty initiatives, programs to teach middle class values, and “euSES” (the improvement of the mean and variance of the phenotype of the next generation through manipulation of socio-economic status).

Gene Expression: Picking the perfect baby

“But the main issue is the idea of treating the child as an object, as product for which you are seeking quality control,” Dr Tonti-Filippini says.

1) Part of this is publicity, you can get only so much information out of genetic tests right now (see Genetic Future). Take a look at Genetic determinants of hair, eye and skin pigmentation in Europeans, and note how much higher the odds ratio (20-30 vs. ~5) for OCA2 “blue-eye” markers are vs. the ones which might give some information about hair color. The same differences in effect size apply to disease loci. I suspect many people will balk at paying up when confronted with the provisionality of some of the inferences.

“Quality Control” (the scientific regulation of variance and mean production outcomes) is what you get when you do not want to pay professionals enough to do the job as a craft. For instance, law has no ‘quality control,’ in the strict sense, because those who have an interest in high-quality law simply pay more money for a better lawyer. The factory that made your iPod, however, is all about ‘quality control,’ as its payscale is just enough to attract and hold off-the-farm uneducated female laborers.

As a society, we long ago decided we weren’t going to pay teachers enough to avoid quality control. So now we’re getting it, with No Child Left Behind.

Through No Child Left Behind, Bush proved himself to be the greatest pro-education and pro-civil-rights President since Abraham Lincoln. It is easy to denounce your enemies and send in the troops. Such destructiveness can even be politically popular. But it does not help in the real goal of increasing the knowledge base of learners. Quality control does that.

Interestingly, through the 2009 Stimulus, Barack Obama may prove himself to be the greatest pro-eugenics American since Margaret Sanger. As long as health care (incudling physical health, mental health, wellness, and aptitude toward financial literacy) is considered to be a private problem, the role of the federal government in improving it is limited. However, Obama’s quest to expand health care to children, the unemployed, and other groups is a stalking horse for a truly national health care system.

When the difference between in vitro gene therapy is $100,000 in later medical bills out of parents’ pockets, it’s a private matter. When the difference is out of the taxpayer’s pockets, we get into the world of policy.

Unless Obama overturns the substantive parts of No Child Left Behind, Bush’s education legacy will continue until the end of the Republic. Unless the next President overturns the substantive parts of Obama’s national health care proposals, Obama’s eugenics legacy will continue until the end of the Republic.

Right out of Zimbabwe

Marketplace: Miami’s homeless inhabit vacant homes
KAI RYSSDAL: We were talking around here today about how the sour economy is changing the way this country looks. There are more vacant storefronts or, in stores that are still open, huge signs practically begging customers to come in.

And it’s not just cities and businesses. Foreclosed houses are falling apart. Lawns are overgrown — the ones that aren’t dead because nobody’s watering them.

But in Miami, homeless activists are using those vacant homes to solve the problem of neglect — and to solve another problem too as Marketplace’s Dan Grech reports.

DAN GRECH: Marie Nadine Pierre is a 39-year-old mother of four. Today, she’s moving into a renovated three-bedroom house.

GRECH: Are you nervous?


She’s nervous because what she’s doing is illegal. Her new home, in a middle-class Miami neighborhood, is a foreclosure owned by a bank. By moving in, she could be arrested for trespassing, breaking and entering, possibly even burglary.

As I said back in November, only suckers pay their mortgage.