Props to Obama on Security

Barack Obama is doing a fine job securing our country, and our world.

He successfully ignored calls from right-wing hawks for a “defense stimulus.” Some thinkers associated wanted us to spend billions building weapons systems that are only of much use in attacking the People’s Liberation Army. Why we would want to start (or even accelerate) an arms race with our partner in economic recovery is strange, especially considering how the sole point of contention between the United States and the People’s Republic, the issue of Taiwan, is going away.

In America, striking signs of this are talk of a formal ‘truce’ between the KMT and the Communist Party, as well as the resumption of direct flights between Taiwan and the mainland, and even cooperation between the National Palace Museum (台北) and the Palace Museum (北京).

For me, the most striking example was this last summer, when the Chairman of the KMT visitied the Chairman of the Communist Party in Beijing. My grandfather-in-law, a former officer in KMT who followed his general in defecting to the Communist Party during the Civil War, express his surprise at the shocking meeting

“Impossible! How can the heads of the KMT and the Communists meet together?”

(The last such meeting between the KMT and the Communists was not as friendly.)

The best the rightwing netroots can come up with is spinning Secretary of State Clinton’s visit to China as a ‘diss’.

Obama also deserves props to recognizing the Middle East is changing, as well. Again standing up to the right netroots, Obama is waiving some sanctions against Syria in an attempt to build relations between our countries.

Obama has made serious misteps, form the new Buy American law to inexplicably stabbing General Zinni in the back. But so far, from appointing Clinton as SecState, Gates as SecDef, ignoring calls for a defense stimulus, and trying to warm relations with Syria, he’s getting the major decisiosn right.

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