Blog buzz for ‘Threats in the Age of Obama’

I am amazed at how popular Threats in the Age of Obama has been in the blogosphere.

Currently, 30 of the top 30 google results for Threats in the Age of Obama brings up mentions of the book that Mike Tanji edited (and for which I wrote a chapter, “An Outbreak of Democracy.”). Just as cool, searching for in the age of obama brings up three references to our edited volume, and two to Gwen Ifil’s The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. (And she has the publicity of PBS behind her — we just have a legion fo co-authors and fans, such as Radio Patriot,, and others!)


Zenpundit now links to a review by Pundita (cross-posted at The Real Barack Obama) of the book. Here’s what Pundita had to say:

The opinion of academics whose conclusions most closely serve the administration’s partisan leanings and defense goals come to dominate foreign policy. And because the academics are specialists, who are rarely given to investigating outside their discipline, galactic-sized chunks of reality completely escape their attention.

That explains the utter weirdness that has characterized U.S. foreign policy for decades and the escalating number of purported Black Swan events to beset these shores. (’Well it just happened like a bolt out of the blue, Mr President.’)

Tanji, a former supervisory intelligence officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, is well-aware of the limitations of the Virtual Think Tank (see his essay on the topic, which I’ve linked to above). But clearly he hopes its unfettered scope will prevent the worst oversights to arise from the blinkered research

Very cool! Threats in the Age of Obama can be purchased from

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