Bailouts and Stimuli

Some impressions:

China’s fiscal stimulus aims at improving national infrastructure, including building national electrical systems and installing hundreds of new subway lines (Good)

Europe’s fiscal stimulus aims at paying people who are not working not to work (Some good, some bad)

Obama’s fiscal stimulus aims at creating zombie banks and letting them hide their bad assets (bad)

2 thoughts on “Bailouts and Stimuli”

  1. USGOV seems to picked the fworse of their possible options: Bailout s for zombies, looting of wealth and future wealth by Silve Spoon Socialist and their lackeys, and a bloated pork-filled-with-pork budget (so-called-stimulus + regular budget).

    President Obamas had moral capital to spend to stop the looting.

    Whatevery huis motive, he chose not to.

    He chose to be part of the problem.

  2. Obama’s unwillingness to defend public investment has been notable.

    A good example was during the stimulus, there was some confusion of whether or not it would fund high-speed rail from Los Angeles inland toward Las Vegas.

    Opportunistic, partisan Republicans used this as an excuse to make light of high-rail in general.

    Obama did not step up. He did not defend high-speed rail. He did not ask those Republicans why they thought it was acceptable to burn foreign oil to fly people over state lines, but not American electricity. He did not argue for the need for a national high-speed rail network.

    He sat back, focuses his resources on bailing out zombies.

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