13 thoughts on “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War”

  1. I go through periods of being a major procrastinator. I found my old wikipedia article. I am using that as a starting point and going into patterns and examples. I will start posting chunks in-progress son my blog. Is it okay is I get a bit unorthordox/weird with footnotes?

  2. I’m sorry I’ve been absent so long. Am I still involed in this project?

    If so, I need to focus on one of the topics originally mentioned. The transhuman side might be easier to write (I could base sections of it on a recent article), but it wouldn’t contribute as much as a focus on 5GW and politics. I’d prefer to go in the politics direction, if it’s ok with everyone.

    Of course, if I’m out of the project, I won’t take it personally.

  3. Dan tdaxp,

    I’m a little behind on my chapter. Right now its 50/50 on whether I finish something worth publishing. I’ll be in touch with you.

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