3 thoughts on “He is Risen”

  1. “He is risen, indeed. Alleluia!”

    I further concur–Blessed and Happy Easter to all of you!

    In honor of the 50-day Season (yes, it’s not *just* the Sunday!) may I share this beautiful, brilliant and humorous (interestingly enough, one might even say *slightly*-darkly humorous [in a place or 2]) piece by Mark Shea about the Resurrection :

    “If Christ Has Not Been Raised: The Evidence for the Resurrection”
    by Mark P. Shea, insidecatholic.com, 4/11/09



  2. One of the good things about Mark Shea is he does a good job arguing the /historical/ case for Christianity in general, and Catholicism in specific. There is a chain of evidence that goes from now back to the earliest Christians that requires serious explanation.

    During Easter we celebrate Christ’s conquest of death from the inside-out, the great raid against Hell and the great favor God has shown to our species.

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