3 thoughts on “In San Diego”

  1. AERA? Never heard of it. What is it? Whatever it is, I hope you have a delightful time in San Diego.

    Like Eddie, I have a San Diego suggestion. Be sure to visit the Zoo to see Panda Lin-Wong’s baby.

  2. Eddie,

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Ended up not going to Sadaf’s, but will next time I’m out there. San Diego is the most beautiful city I have ever visited.

    Ortho Stice,

    The American Educational Research Association is the premier organization in the world for the study of education. Curriculum, educational psychology, critical theory, and methodology appeared to be the most popular areas. A bewildering number of “Special Interest Goups” exist to assist those seeking to undertsand everything from Research on the Education of Asians and Pacific Islanders, Structural Equation Modeling, and Ivan Illich.

    I stayed pretty close to the zoo in little Italy. I’ll see the Pandas next time at the Beijing Zoo 😉

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