Bad, but not as bad as it could have been

My laptop ( a Dell Inspiron 6000) stopped booting up today.

While I was immediately worried, I knew that I lost nothing of value. I have been using Microsoft Live Mesh to sync My Documents, so all of my important documents were immediately available in the cloud.

A couple minutes later I had downloaded Ubuntu and put it on a flash drive. I used that to boot up my laptop, and saw that all my files were intact.

I am delighted at how much more user-friendly Linux is now than the last time I used it.

While I still need to investigate the best way to recover my work flow from this situation, none of my files were lost, and I was rapidly back to almost full productivity (no automatic Mesh syncing to Linux, sadly).

16 thoughts on “Bad, but not as bad as it could have been”

  1. I just want to say one word to you. Just one word.

    tdaxp – Yes sir.

    Are you listening?

    tdaxp – Yes sir, I am.


  2. As much as paying three times as much for a computer appeals to me… 😉

    Now, Apple’s are pretty reliable. My mother’s 1998-ish iMacs are still going strong. Likewise, Macs now run the programs I use most often (OpenOffice, R, Firefox, etc).

    Still, by booting off a flash-drive I’m still able to use my old laptop as an Ubuntu station, and the new one as a Windows machine. All for about a thousand less. 🙂

  3. Note that this is somewhat painful for me, as I am an advocate for Mac use in many areas of life…

    However… 🙂

    A mac with comporable storage and screen area to my new Compaq would cause an outlay at least three times what I spent. For that money, I would prefer to have a quad-core desktop with a dual or triple monitor display! 🙂

  4. Fortunately, Ubuntu on a USB drive allows me to boot up, read from the hard-disk, etc. The problem appears to be a hardware-level glitch that prevents the computer from booting off the hd. When I let it try to boot normally, I just get a blinking cursor in the upper-left.

  5. If you are still looking for a Windows machine, may I suggest this one that I just ordered after my Dell Studio turned into a shit pile?

    Just so you know, it plays Empire: Total War on high settings and probably Starcraft 2 on max settings when that game comes out. 😉 Admittedly, though, that is because of the computer’s no frills resolution.

    Even if you don’t game much anymore, it still provides enough bang per buck in terms of computing power, and that isn’t even taking into consideration the officially supported overclocking. I mean, how many 900 dollar laptops can you find that have a 9800M GS Nvidia card with 512 DDR3 VRAM and a year of Lowjack?

  6. I had some problem using the update manager, so I just downloaded a torrent of the 9.04 OS, put that on the USB through unetbootin, and am running on that now. It does seem quicker. Right now I am going through the process of making a my 4 gig flash drive writeable… as I can still access my old hd (just not boot from it), Still, especially once I settle on a live mesh replacement for linux, this should be fine for a second laptop.

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