Chinese-Taiwanese Cooperation

Taiwan will be joining the World Health Assembly as an observer. Commentary available from The View from Taiwan and The Weekly Standard.

LIkewise, China and Taiwan are signing an extradition pact, that is necessary as business and travel between the mainland and Taiwan are increasing. Interestingly, while Taiwan will be obliged to return corrupt Communist Party officials to China, China will not be obliged to return corrupt Nationalist Party officials to Taiwan. The View from Taiwan thinks this was at the suggestion of the KMT itself. (Like Tim Geithner’s Treasury Department or the politburo, the KMT is very comfortable with corruption among friends.)

Meanwhile, the American Republicans try to stir up trouble by suggesting China spend more on national defense.

Relatedly, Tom notes that Chinese banks may be coming to Taiwan. Many of these banks (such as the Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the China Construction Bank) are not zombies, unlike America’s financial insitutions.