How gullible does Geithner think you are?

Anwer: pretty gullible.

Step one: Treasury gives Goldman Sachs billion in grants

Step two: Treasury gives Goldman Sachs billions in loans

Step three: Goldman sachs pays back the loans

Step four: You forget that Goldman Sachs ever got billions in grants, and think that Goldman Sahcs “paid back” their welfare checks

Reality: Goldman Sachs is a lemon socialized company, one which is profitable only because you pay the bill for their losses.

Obama should dismiss Geithner, and aggressively seek ways to nationalize Goldman Sachs, and the other welfare agencies and zombie banks.

3 thoughts on “How gullible does Geithner think you are?”

  1. Research back to how GS was one of the reasons this whole mess got kicked off when they decided not to participate in a loan syndication to finance the inventory of all those tranches the banks were holding.

    Also look at how many GS alumni are either in George Soros’ employee or head up groups that he commonly works deals with.

    For example look at all the partners he bought IndyMac with after it was taken over. All except Michael Dell are groups run by GS alumni and frequent partners in deals with Soros on many efforts.

    Follow the money!

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