The Future of Warfare (and of humanity)

1. How long before an EEG model with wifi capability can be implmanted in soldiers, so that they can silently and telepathically communiate with each other anywhere in the world.

2. How long before such technology can be implanted in newbornes?

7 thoughts on “The Future of Warfare (and of humanity)”

  1. Yes. [1]

    The only fundemental difference between this and BrainPal(TM) is bandwith. After that, it’s just UX. [2]

    I don’t think there is any reason to believe that some form of BrainPal morse code could be taught through behaviorist principles to children in the womb and adults in comas. It’s just a matter of who we would be talking to.

    Have you read That Hideous Strength [3]?


  2. Actually, GHOST IN THE SHELL is what came to my mind.

    In both that, and Scalzi’s books, electronic telepathy accompanies a technology that allows brains (or the thoughts and memories stored therein) to be moved between bodies. The good and ill uses of THAT are something else again.

  3. I get into a little of this in the chapter I’m sending for the 5GW book.

    P.S. Have your heard? Some Russian analysts are writing about sixth-generation war.

  4. Michael,

    Good point. Body-to-body brain transplants still seem impossibly far off…

    Lexingotn Green,

    Lewis’s lines have a way of staying like that…

    Dan McIntosh,

    I got your chapter — thanks!

    6GW? Hmm.. Sounds like fluff…

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