The Law, Obama, and You

Good news, the Supreme Court will revisit business method patents. Business method patents are anti-competitive devices that create artificially high barriers to competition.

Unfortunately, Obama may add Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor supports very high damages when it comes to personal information activities, such as backing up your DVDs (because you don’t want your disks scratched) or ripping your CDs to your computer (because they cannot be played in some modern DVD players).

Ironically, intellectual property lobbyists are themselves guilty of plagiarism. However, unlike you, they can afford a team of lawyers, and so are effectively above the law. In a system where major policy decisions are chosen by lawyers, and judges like Sotomayer side with monied interests, there is little room for either justice or competition.

Happily, Sotomayer appears to be a uniquely bad move by the Obama administration. Elsewhere, the DOJ is going after IP racketeers in the film industry. Looks like I was wrong about Holder!

Now, if Obama would only drop Sotomayor and prosecute Geithner, we could have an Administration that all Americans could be proud of!

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