VIPs at the National Stadium

Went to the National Stadium, or Birdnest, today. It is an incredible structure. It sits across from the Watercube in the Olympic Green, a mammoth area that seems larger than Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City Combined. However, even in the massive scale of the Olympic Green, the kid-and-family-friendly focus of Chinese parks was apparent.

While visitors could walk down onto the field of the National Stadium, a section of it was cordoned off. Who was that for? Some high ranking officials — a guess.

Well, in a way…

The music in the Stadium suddenly quieted, and a PA system announced a visit by the guests of honor… Fuwa!

Now if only I could find a copy of The Olympic Adventures of Fuwa, and follow the capers of Huanhuan, Nini, and the rest of the gang!

Update: A video of the dancing fuwa: