Chinese Security

There are two slashdot stories (both blocked by the great firewall of China), that relate to China’s attempt to build user-level firewalls as well

These concerns are overkill. IT security in China is already really, really bad. I estimate that 90%+ of computers here are infected with viruses and/or Trojans, including new computers purchased from legitimate dealers.

The Ascent into Heaven

Yesterday, June 11th, I went to Heaven.

The beginning of the Trail

The end of the trail (squint)

Actually I went to the top of Mount Tai, in Shandong Province. Still signs kept assuring me that I was entering heaven, and after the long hike (Taishan is 3,000 year old pilgrimate site nearly a mile high), I was glad for such encouragement!

“Welcome to Heaven”

“Now You Become a God”

“The South Gate of Heaven”

“1 Heaven Road”

Once there, we enjoyed the sites, whether cultural, natural, or culinary/

The Dai Miao Temple Complex in Heaven

Buddhism is popular in Heaven

Omniscience, obscured by pollution

Delicious heavely omeletes!

After a 100 kuai meal of two bowls of noodles and one instant coffee (

Taking the easy way down!