The Ascent into Heaven

Yesterday, June 11th, I went to Heaven.

The beginning of the Trail

The end of the trail (squint)

Actually I went to the top of Mount Tai, in Shandong Province. Still signs kept assuring me that I was entering heaven, and after the long hike (Taishan is 3,000 year old pilgrimate site nearly a mile high), I was glad for such encouragement!

“Welcome to Heaven”

“Now You Become a God”

“The South Gate of Heaven”

“1 Heaven Road”

Once there, we enjoyed the sites, whether cultural, natural, or culinary/

The Dai Miao Temple Complex in Heaven

Buddhism is popular in Heaven

Omniscience, obscured by pollution

Delicious heavely omeletes!

After a 100 kuai meal of two bowls of noodles and one instant coffee (

Taking the easy way down!

3 thoughts on “The Ascent into Heaven”

  1. Thanks, it was an amazing climb!

    Another thing I didn’t expect is how riduculously expensive restaurants are in Heaven. I treated my wife and father-in-law, and two bowls of plain noodles and one small instant coffee came to RMB 100, or about $14.

    I knew about Jacob’s Ladder, but didn’t realize the food price differential on either side of it! 😉

    On the way up there were porters who offered to carry our bags. On the way up that felt like cheating. However, knowing the price, it would be cheaper (and more delicious!) to bring a large thermos of water, a couple cups of ramen, and some bottles of beer, and have a guy carry it up for you.

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