Pure brilliance, or pure crazy

I have developed a speculative theory that neatly accounts for many aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including

  • The Nazis
  • Foo Fighters
  • The Roswell Incident
  • Flying Saucers
  • Lights in the Sky
  • MJ-12
  • Missing Time
  • Cattle Mutiliations

and so on. I would like comments on it. Anyone interested can either leave a comment, or email me, and I will send out a copy tomorrow.

It even includes killer robots, but not in the way you expect…

25 thoughts on “Pure brilliance, or pure crazy”

  1. I’d intended to surf around the TOR network until I happened across a node in the Crimea, then leave an ominous message about keeping secrets safe… But strangely, I keep getting routed to a mysterious IP address, I think the conspiracists are one step ahead of us yet again!

  2. I’m pretty sure that UFO’s and such are experimental aircraft that our government is messing around with? This technology was taken/learned from the Nazis after the war. The aliens stuff was pushed out by the government to study the populations belief in such ideas, and to give them cover for their aircraft experiments.

    Roswell was one such study; where the government wanted to know how far the population will go in not trusting the government. The cattle mutilations are either totally unrelated (done by animals), or are done by government agents for the same purpose I mentioned above. The government wants to see how the population will create its own myths and determine how trusting the people are of the Establishment. They want to understand how people build networks and subcultures around alternative beliefs and by doing so, uncover possible “problem individuals.”

    Many of the people who claim to believe in flying saucers also tend to be anti-government types. I’m pretty sure that people like Alex Jones of “Prison Planet,” are actually government agents who collect information on people with interests in 911 “truth,” or the Illuminati, or Free Masons. This way the power structure can control and identify possible “problem individuals.”

    This is also typical of neo-Nazi groups. The most radical groups (who dress like 1930’s counter revolutionaries) are almost certainly either government ran, or highly infiltrated by government agents. The aliens, Neo-Nazis, 911 “truth,” and other assorted subcultures are all government funded and sponsored for the purpose I stated above.

  3. I sent it off!

    Thanks for all the feedback and interest.

    I went out of my way to answer Purpleslog and Seerov’s thoughts in the email.

    Ry, thanks for the interest, I would be honored once I improve the draft and if it isn’t laughed out of town! 🙂

    Som Kid,

    Sorry for the delay – I am in Beijing now, so my schedule is the reverse of most readers of my blog!

    Bill, thanks for answering Aaron’s question!

  4. Dan
    Interesting theory all around. Could be a book in making and the nice thing about the subject matter is that said book, if succesfull, could have movie or T.V. rights attached, so start thinking about who would play you 🙂

    On a more substantive note, I have a few questions that might help if you wish to take your research a little deeper:

    1). Is there a decent (meaning reputable) database for UFO sightings? If so, would you be able to make any predictions about changes in sightings over time? Should we expect sightings of the “lights in the sky” to decline after 2001 now that the killer robots are well publicized? If the database goes as far back as 1947, we should also expect sightings of “saucers” to decline after 1951, correct?

    2). One thing that’s missing from the whole theory is an engine and power source. You’ve described some sort of ultra light craft, ok, what kind of engine? Don’t most reports of the UFO state that the craft or whatever made littel noise? Again, this is where a database of sighting would come in handy, but if the crafts are generally silent you need to come up with something that keeps them flying besides a jet engine.
    Along the same lines, what powers the lights? How much energy would be required to power the kind of lasers you’re describing? Answers to such questions would help us figure out how heavy such a craft would have to be.

    3). Is missing time analogous to other, more well known medical conditions? For example, if we interviewed one person – or better yet <100 people – who were "taken up in a spaceship" (and experienced missing time) and another group of people who had perhaps some sort of seizure would their decriptions of the experience be similar? This would go a long way towards demonstrating that "missing time" is the result of some sort of photosensetive epilepsy.

  5. Since your dissertation was not delivered as promised, we entered your mind for a review, of your theory. You are wrong.

  6. Well, I’m curious (hmm, by anychance, nothing to do with Martin Borman, does it?)

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