When European leaders say “global warming,” they mean “Russia”

This post came from a chat with Brendan of I Hate Linux. It confirms the cap-and-trade bill pushed by President Obama.

We are doing it for Europe

When Europe says “global warming,” they mean “Russia.”

The transposition works almost every time.

X is a threat to civilization; X is a threat to humanity; X is a threat to small nations; X must be combated by all developed nations.

Obama’s cap-and-trade is basically a way for us to assure europe that they won’t be at a compettive disadvantage if they throttle-down on Gazprom deliveries.

Human Nature : Evolutionary Psychology :: Dreams : Freud

That is, not much serious research on one is done through the other. But it’s fun to think about.

Zenpundit links to a piece on Whirled View about nuclear disarmament.

Cheryl’s reference to “evolutionary psychology” is a misdirection, but an accidental and understandable one. “Evolutionary Psychology” is a small, marginal, not particularly useful, if incredibly interesting take on the intersection of human evolution and human psychology.

A far more useful field is “behavioral genetics.” The current media-friendly discussion on “human nature” comes from “behavioral economics.” And of course, there is a whole lot of work on cognition that does not necessarily invoke evolution at all.

With respect to nuclear arms, international relations, and human nature is this: people predictably make irrational decisions that can only leave themselves worse off. Here is a Scientific American piece on bubbles and a post over at gnxp about neurotypicals.

Cheryl’s conclusion

Part of human nature is the ability to evaluate our situation and to change our behavior….

So we should be able to consider, and work toward, outlawing nuclear weapons.

Makes almost no sense. Of course we are able to evaluate our situation and change our behavior. Indeed, those systems that allow people to do this most often can lead to catastrophe more often, because of the lack of a governing infrastructure (such as a Military-Industrial Complex) that prohibits bad outcomes.

People rarely understand the consequences of their behavior. Feel-good liberals in the Obama administration, in an attempt to protect science, censor science (Half Sigma, Slashdot). The same thing happened under Bush and Clinton.

Similar politically correct idiocy controls every area of human endeavor that has not been automated into mindlessness.

This is a consequence of our human nature — we are irrational, prejudicial creatures with limited attention and even worse facility for logical thought. Smart people regularly say dumb and stupid things, not because they are bad, or even stupid by human standards, but because they are human.

Smart people regularly do stupid things too, as history has shown.

The real discussion on nuclear weapons should not be conducted in the optimistic tones of Cheryl’s post. Rather, the appropriate question is this: Given that the world’s military forces will be under the control of humans in the near-to-mid term, should those military forces also include nuclear weapons? And in that discussion, breazzy assurances that we can evaluation our surroundings are so can outlaw nuclear weapons have no place.

Tom is on Fire with Iran posts

No complaints here. All are worth reading.

I especially liked Tom’s comparison of the 2009 Islamic Republic with the 1820 United States.

The combination of speed and depth afforded by blogs is one reason that is beets Twitter as a serious commentary source.

Do you have a friend in Tim Geithner?

If you want a financial future, you should!

Two differences between Guaranty Financial and Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs has a friend in Tim Geithner. Goldman Sachs won’t be seized.

What’s the difference between Ben Bernanke and Calvin Coolidge? Hard to tell.

What’s the difference between the UAW GM and the old GM. Old GM was responsible when a defective GM product killed you. The UAW is above the law. Geithner could have forced the UAW to cover these costs as the price for the bailout he gave them. He did not do this. This is because the UAW has a friend in Tim Geithner.

Geithner’s pressure to delay foreclosures hurts honest lenders and honest borrowers.

What is happening in Honduras?

After reading reactions at Catholicgauze, Coming Anarchy, Half Sigma, and Zenpundit, and following the news in China Daily, I am confused why the United Nations, President Obama and others are condemning the actions in Honduras.

As I understand it, the Supreme Court ordered the arrest of the President. The Congress has acted to administer the country. In other words, this appears to be a the whole point of a tripartite separation of powers: any two divisions can act against a third.

If the Congress and the President of a country acted together to impeach a Supreme Court Justice, would the US be similarly angered?

I realize I am getting only a slice of the news here in China. What am I missing?