Tom is on Fire with Iran posts

No complaints here. All are worth reading.

I especially liked Tom’s comparison of the 2009 Islamic Republic with the 1820 United States.

The combination of speed and depth afforded by blogs is one reason that is beets Twitter as a serious commentary source.

2 thoughts on “Tom is on Fire with Iran posts”

  1. Nice way to describe Tom’s views on Iran. Much of what is happening seems to vindicate what Tom has preached for some time that change will have to come from those energized and connected young people throwing off the yoke of the Mulahs.

  2. Tom has an excellent piece on Honduras as well [1]:

    A quote:

    Was Zelaya determined to go down the Chavez route? Well, from the perspective of his opponents, when it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, and hangs around with known, repeat-offender ducks… it’s not crazy to assume we’re talking about a duck — as in, the kind that wants to end its “lame” status. Zelaya made a habit of standing beside Chavez when the latter delivered speeches promising class warfare against capitalists, and, a few months ago, Chavez made a state visit to Honduras where he went out of his way to publicly ridicule Zelaya’s political opponents. So the bonding process here was anything but subtle. Indeed, since Zelaya’s ouster Chavez has openly threatened war with Honduras.

    Read more:

    It makes me really miss what we lost when he left the Naval War College.


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