Naive Russians

Hard to believe someone actually thought that Goldman Sachs trading software was worth the trouble to steal. The value in Goldman Sachs isn’t its ability to actually make money on the market. That is just naive, and its typical of Russian foolishness that they bought into Goldman’s press releases. Rather, Goldman Sachs makes money through securing friendships with high government officials, and from there getting billions of dollars in grants.

Some Americans may be surprised that the term Oligarchs (used to refer to high ranking friends of Goldman Sachs) did not even originate in the United States, but once only referred to powerful friends of Yeltsin and the Russian government.

8 thoughts on “Naive Russians”

  1. cue the gipper: “there you go again.”

    (a) it was “a” russian, and the evidence is he wasn’t working for russians, but for chicagoland traders. at least until the non-denial denial comes out.

    (b) GS’s hi-fi desk does around 21% or so of all program trading on the NYSE. they are the master of the universe of program trading. supremely no. 1 in all respects, and have ramped that up by some 50% or so this year alone.

    (c) i should have said “did around 21%” because this week, yeah this past week i mean, GS wasn’t even on the top 15 list. they went from No. 1 to nobody in one week.

    (d) this week, program trading hit 50% (ok, 48.5%, so i rounded) of all volume on NYSE. which is a new record.

    (e) the week that GS was still no. 1, (i.e. week before last) NYSE announces they are decommissioning the DPTR (daily program trading report) effective 7/14.

    so, to recap, all in one week the following occurs: the first goes to worst, the FBI nabs a trader with suspicious GS downloads, the trader works (or worked) for a the quant desk at GS and was apparently responsible for real time market feed handler, this trader also quit his GS job and moved over to a chicagoland disciple of “high volume automated trading” (gee, wonder who that is?) where he makes around 2-3x his $400K salary at GS, volume comes a crashing, the market rally stalls, and Switzerland’s banking system is about to come crashing down with Credit Suisse’s ETF pair trade as the inevitable “rule’s catching up to the bandits” time comes.

    if you think this is sabotage you’re crazy, and it ain’t the russians doin’ it my friend.

  2. i did that once. it was a pain in the you know what. i’ll just send hints to smart guys like you who are better at putting it all together than me anyway.

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