Crowley violated the federal Constitution

A hat-tip to Eddie for finding this legal analysis of Crowley’s home invasion of the residence of Dr. Gates

Over at Chicago Boyz, Shannon Love has a bizarre post which argues that Crowley was angry and hateful. I think that’s going to far. Saying “an armed thug” leaves the question of Crowley’s mental state — which I don’t know — outside of the discussion.

7 thoughts on “Crowley violated the federal Constitution”

  1. I almost never read Chicago Boyz anymore, about 99% because Shannon Love posts there. Rationality has been almost single-handedly banned there, as least anywhere withing 50 miles of SL’s posts.

  2. I moderated a comment by lkjasdf, which was an ad hominem attack instead of an argument.

    Curtis, I agree that S.L. is the weak link in the Chicago Boyz chain. They have a number of great authors, though, including Lexington Green and zenpundit. Other writers are thought provoking, as well.

  3. Carl from Chicago writes well of business matters and the dark side of federal regulation/legislation that is almost never considered in MSM discussion of them, without resorting to the industry language that hinders some otherwise good business blogs. He is also good w/ alt. energy realism.

    James McCormick writes some exceptional book reviews.

    Of course ZP & LG too.

  4. I try to catch whatever Mark’s writing about at his own blog.

    Lex: I just read his many comments here and there. I’ll admit to a limited reading, but it’s only because I am too much of an obsessive-compulsive, meaning I know if I go to Chicago Boyz I’ll end up reading S.L.’s posts and must resist (must resist!) responding to them. The problem is one of volume too, since S.L.’s pretty active, and I don’t dare scroll down looking for legitimate, rational writing from someone else.

    I suppose I should just link their individual author archive pages; that might be a way to get around it.

  5. Witness Shannon Love’s recent reply to your comment on that thread. Utter. Stupidity. And I’m really about to start cursing, so I’m going to stop here.

    Seriously, my opinion of that blog just goes down knowing S.L. is there. Yeah, I’m OCD when it comes to these things, so I went back, read the comments, and there I witness ————bleep————.

    Don’t wanna hold S.L. against Lex or Mark or any of the others though. Dilemma.

  6. Curtis,


    I particular love how Shannon came up with this theories of groups that cops hate, and then when I ask for clarification, accuses me of bringing it up! Ha!

    I responded once, to give Shannon the benefit of the doubt. I assume this benefit will be wasted, however…

    Makes you wish for an equiavelent of IRC’s /ignore function for group blogs.


    Agreed on the props for the other Chicago Boyz. I wonder how many readers they have lost out of disgust for Shannon’s rants?

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