Geithner Loses It

Between losing control of the Strategic & Economic Dialog to SecState Clinton, not being able to sell his house, and being publicly humiliated by his boss, Tim Geithner may be under a lot of pressure:

This article in the New York Times reads like a satire in The Onion:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner blasted top regulators in an expletive-laden tirade amid frustration over President Barack Obama’s faltering plan to overhaul financial regulation, Reuters reported, citing a Monday story in The Wall Street Journal.

It’s not that Geithner is sub-literate either. Something’s going wrong:

According to the newspaper, Friday’s roughly hour-long meeting was unusual because of Mr. Geithner’s repeated obscenities and his aggressive posture toward regulators generally deemed independent of the White House.

The newspaper said Mr. Geithner told attendees that the administration and Congress set policy. It also said the Treasury secretary, without singling out officials, raised concerns about regulators who have questioned the wisdom of giving the Fed more power.

Though, in fairnss, the news is less who Geithner went bezerk on, that who wants it to be known that Geithner went berzerk:

A person familiar with the meeting said that Mr. Geithner told regulators “enough is enough,” the newspaper said. The meeting took place last Friday with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Schapiro and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairwoman Sheila Bair.

If Geithner is behaving this erratically, he may not have tendered his resignation after all. If so, Obama should dismiss Geithner from office.

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