Search and Replace

Just for fun, anyone care to take a crack and what this text said before a search and replace?

The battle for the hearts and minds of Mao’s own people was only part of the problem. Though the People’s Republic was universally considered a leading power in the socialist world, it was widely distrusted as a result of its inconsistent rhetoric, not to mention the behavior of its chairman. In the battle for survival against the rival Soviet Union, China was becoming less of a big gun and more of a loose cannon. For leftists worldwide, Moscow was a name that could be trusted. Beijing was not.

Hint: while titles mean little here, the Chairman has just removed the former President from power. The President’s last actions ensured the Chairman could not name himself to that position. For his part, the new President is an outsider hand-picked by the Chairman to be obsequious and know his place.

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  1. “black liberal nationalists”

    Is that what they called you verbatim? If so, I am at a loss for words at such idiocy, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. At this pace, I should just assume that the line will continue to be pushed.

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