Another American Hero

Just like Dr. Henry Louis Gates, the man in this video is an American Hero

In situations where most of us would have avoided exercising our constitutionally-protected rights out of fear of the persecution of an incompetent union cop, Dr Gates stood up for himself. Likewise, in situations where some would have been afraid of the Secret Service, the man in the video stood up for himself.

More important, Gates stood up for the First Amendment. This man stood up for the Second Amendment. Both stood up for the Constitution.

The difference? The Secret Service is a highly trained and professional organization. It respects the Constitution.

Sgt. Crowley, by contrast, is an ex-EMT whose other high profile failure was the death of Reggie Lewis.

The Secret Service is a top-notch organization, trained and professional, and my hat off to them.

Crowley should be indicted.