Control without Responsibility

This piece by Victor Davis Hanson is acceptable, but it messes Obama’s political timing, and so ends up sounding over the top. Obama is not some enemy from 2,500 years ago dedicated to class warfare. Rather, he is a smart politician who wants control and desires to avoid the responsibility that comes from it. This is not simply a selfish stance, but rather an honest belief that government is best done by politically-minded experts who are not accountable to the public.

The economy revolution we are experiencing in the United States is without parrallel, except for China under Deng Xiaoping. Just as Deng was, economically, the first post-Chinese leader of China, Obama may be the first post-American leader of America. From automobiles to banking to insurance to health care, the government under Obama acts as both regulator and competitor, allowing it to influence the marketplace without any particular government minister fearing the bad consequences of his actions.

Like Deng, Obama also faces unsustainable social spending. In China, Deng introduced the Family Responsibility System which freed the central government from having to care for millions of Chinese. In the United States, Barack Obama will introduce “death panels ” that will free the central government from having to care for millions of elderly Americans. Here again is the theme of control without responsibility. Obama, like Deng, will consign millions of poor and elderly Americans to earlier deaths, while avoiding responsibility by blaming the family (if they really wanted grandma alive, they could fork over the thousand-a-day themselves…).