Taxing the young to pay for the old to dwell in sickness

One of the consequences of ObamaCare is that young families will pay higher taxes (via higher insurance premiums) in order to subsidize the sickness of old people.

Demographically, if you tax people for being young in order to subsidize old-age morbidity, you will have less young people and more sickly old people.

Specifically, young people will put off having families (because they have less income to support a family on), so that old people like Obama’s grandma can have a surgery days before she dies.

The only economically sensible reason to have “health care reform” is to allow more old people to die faster. (In military terms, increased old-age mortality under ObamaCare would be a LIHOP — let it happen on purpose.) Of course, when the American people realized this, they panicked (much of their youth is behind them, but their old-age care is still ahead of them).  This hurts those who already invested political capital in a bill that was originally intended to LIHOP eldercide.

So now, a bill whose initial goal was to shuffle the old and sick off the stage will subsidize the old and sick at the expense of the young and healthy.

This debate is out of control. Obama should “press the reset button” and try again in two years.

Liberal Democrats and Liberal Democracy

First, major props to Trans Pacific Radio, whose coverage of the 2009 Japanese Lower House Election was fantastic. It was insightful, in-depth, timely, and far better than anything else available in the English language. Great job!

The loss of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to the Social Democrats is all over the internet. Catholicgauze, Curzon, Younghusband, and The Economist all have interesting thoughts.

It will be interesting ot see if the Social Democrats can govern, or if they will collapse back into a marginal opposition party. Taiwan and Japan appear to be examples of how one-party rule and democracy can occur at the same time.

China, of course, is watching.