Bill Nelson Tries to Sabotage What Works in ObamaCare

According to the New York Times, Bill Nelson (D-FL) wants to stop ObamaCare from gutting Medicare. Of course, this is a bad thing. The only good thing of ObamaCare — and one that its more sophisticated fans often point out — is that it guts Medicare. Sure it might grant coverage to illegal aliens and tax young families in order to subsidize the old and sick, but as Obama’s supporters have insisted over and over, reform is needed to prevent us from subsidizing morbidity into extreme old age.

Bill Nelson’s amendment, supported for tactical reasons by some Republicans, would prevent any cost savings, and simply speed up the transfer of American political and economic authority from Washington to Beijing.

2 thoughts on “Bill Nelson Tries to Sabotage What Works in ObamaCare”

  1. I don’t see why cutting medicare is a good thing? Are you only looking at this from an efficiency standpoint? IOW, are old people not worth investing in becuase they’ve deprecated too much?

    I guess if we’re going to be forming policy strictly around efficiency and through cost-benefit analysis, then we should also start allocating resources based on IQ and education?

  2. Seerov,

    Thanks for the comment.

    The reason that health care costs are exploding (and will continue to explode) is that we are very good at subsidizing extreme morbidity – we have a system that is probably the best in the world in helping individuals dwell in sickness and pain. Indeed, much of an individual’s total lifetime medical bills — and an even greater percentage of their Medicare benefits — occur in a battle of days with death.

    This system will either lead to a high-rate of inflation (as we try to print our way out of the debts this costs us), a political situation run by the People’s Republic and other creditors, or both.

    A better medical system would serve our interests. It would turn the sick into the healthy, and allow individuals to move to better jobs without fear of losing their health insurance.

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